About Jex

The first thing you need to know about Jex is that she's a Creative Powerhouse.  

Her creativity springs from somewhere deep in the void, where gothic horror and gumdrop unicorns fight an epic war against all things normal, mundane, and boring. 

She's our Idea Person...the one that can be counted on to think of something completely absurd, out-of-left-field...and yet astoundingly relevant, simple, and absolutely perfect for kicking the ass of your business competitors. 

Jex is also the Founder of the lifestyle fashion brand Jexy Rexxie, where she combines edgy and abstract into unique prints for fitness apparel. 

And in order to keep Luke's head firmly bolted to his shoulders and his ass from being lost amidst his desk, Jex is the main organizer.  Seriously, if you want something to happen, you need to contact her, not Lukas.  Jex is the CEO of our Copywriting Mentorship. She works behind the scenes and has created the entire education system for our copywriting training, which enabled us to have an astronomically high graduation rate, and not a single unsatisfied student. Jex is the 2nd set of eyes on all of our marketing deliverables. 
She ensures the project gets completed on time, to spec, with all parties ecstatic and ready for the next project.


If you play mobile games or watch cartoons...you've probably heard Jex's voice.  She's the voice for over 100 characters in video games, anime, and commercials. 

She has 3 black belts, 20 years training, and has been teaching Krav Maga for 13 years. Jex has trained with Muay Thai fight teams, BJJ, and has personally trained military units throughout the US.​



Sign: Scorpio
Spirit Animal: Owl

Food: Avocado
Film: Nightmare Before Christmas, The Marvelous Ms. Maisel, Kill Bill, Happy! 
Video Games: Dark Souls 3, Borderlands 2, Bloodborne, Metal Gear 

Color: Dark Purple and Black
Music: Marilyn Manson, In This Moment, The Prodigy, Two Steps From Hell, Classical Piano 
Season: Fall 
Holiday: Halloween
Superhero: Black Widow 



Voice Over
Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality


High Fashion 

Dark & Artistic Movies 

Resin Painting 
Interior Design 

BJJ & Kickboxing

Tactical training

Dog Training For Film

Composite Photography 
iphone cinematics


Unique/ Weird Experiences

Opera and Performance Art 

Haunted House Design